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It’s here, folks. Election day. And although many of us are already wearing our “I Voted” stickers, we know that only about 35% of Americans voted in the last midterm election, and even fewer tend to get out for the primaries. But you can change that! You have so many ways to encourage friends, family and neighbors to vote. Send a group text. Share a reminder on social media. Pick up the phone. Shout through the streets, “Your vote matters!”

We can’t expect to build a stronger Michigan unless all of us participate in the process. And the easiest way to do that is to make a trip to your polling place. Not sure where that is? You can double-check your polling place here along with confirming your voter registration and viewing your sample ballot.

Of course, we hope that friends of the League don’t stop there. Our organization exists so that the people of this state can get a fair shake. One of our goals is to empower you, our friends and supporters, to help advocate for Michiganders with fewer opportunities.

For years, our website has housed reports and documents to help you be part of our work. But with hundreds of items being shared on it, the site became overgrown and needed a fresh start.

On July 13, we launched a new look for The site still contains the same important information as before, but with an updated interface and more intuitive menu it will better serve you, our users. You are important partners of the League, and we invite you to explore the new site and engage with our work even more closely. From advocacy tools to new information on immigration, you can find new items on the site almost daily.

I just want you to remember that the League is here for you. We can help with advocacy training, provide access to geographic data, give you hard copies of reports, or just chat with you about how we can make a difference together.

Today is an important day for democracy, but every day is a chance to be part of the process. No matter the outcome of these elections, we’ll continue to fight along with you to build a stronger Michigan…

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