Racial Equity

Racial equity and inclusion are part of the League’s core. All of our work is done through a racial equity lens because we recognize that until we remove the racist barriers that have been built over time, the people of Michigan cannot thrive. Achieving equity is a journey, and it is hard work. We’re here to help you on that journey as we travel it ourselves. 

The numbers that drive us.

Systemic racism is embedded in Michigan’s history and plays a significant role in outcomes for kids and families. The data bears out this fact again and again. Here are some of the findings we’ve used in our reports.

The tools that inform us.

The League’s Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Team (EDIT) meets every month to help support our organization’s work around racial equity. EDIT has developed tools, compiled resources and created programming that we hope others will adapt and use.

The voices that motivate us.

Through podcasts and videos, we can explore so many perspectives on race, identity and inclusion. Our team recommends these voices in particular.

The words that move us.

There are hundreds of really useful books exploring racial equity and inclusion … sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Here are a few of the texts that have inspired our work.

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