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For Immediate Release
May 17, 2016

Contact: Alex Rossman

LANSING—The Michigan League for Public Policy issued the following statement on lower state revenue estimates announced at today’s Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference. The League also released a report today, Review Tax Expenditures to Help Fix Michigan’s Broken Revenue Stream, offering a solution to the state’s money woes. The League’s budget priorities, including expanding child care assistance, can be found at The statement may be attributed to League President and CEO Gilda Z. Jacobs.

“These numbers are down in large part because people are still struggling and not spending, and today’s estimates underscore the need to help lift up more workers and families to boost our economy. In the coming weeks, the League urges legislators to help residents and stretch state dollars by leveraging federal funds in the 2017 budget. By continuing the House’s commitment to resolve the Heat and Eat issue with an investment of $3.2 million in state funds, we can bring in $138 million in federal dollars to help 150,000 households. Additionally, increasing the income eligibility for child care subsidies—at essentially no state cost—will help low-wage families with young children find and keep jobs. While the budget numbers are lower, the priorities should be the same, and I hope no lawmaker uses this news as a justification to turn their backs on the children of Flint, Detroit and communities around the state.

“This fiscal instability also demands a longer view of our state budget and revenue streams. Our new report released today shows that the state currently spends around $35 billion in state and local tax breaks each year, and a majority are written into law for perpetuity without ever being revisited. By reviewing and evaluating these tax expenditures and eliminating outdated and ones that no longer serve the public good, legislators could immediately and substantially resolve our state revenue issues.”


The Michigan League for Public Policy,, is a nonprofit policy institute focused on economic opportunity for all. It is the only state-level organization that addresses poverty in a comprehensive way.

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