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Ask anyone at the League what they’re thankful for, and it won’t take us long to think. We work for an organization whose values match our own. We work with colleagues who have heart. And we work with numbers. We really like numbers.
Here’s just a snapshot of what we’re grateful for right now:

Julie Cassidy, Policy Analyst

As a new parent, I’m thankful to work for an employer that provides paid leave for both mothers AND fathers and is so supportive of my family’s needs as we adjust to our new normal. Having flexible hours and a private, clean place to pump breastmilk, as well as being able to work from home on occasion, allow me to be a good worker and a good mom.


Victoria Crouse, Policy Fellow

This year, I’m thankful that my grandmother became a U.S. citizen and celebrated her 88th birthday this month! I’m also thankful for the team of hardworking and passionate advocates both at the League and across the state who tirelessly fight for the rights of all Michiganians.


Alicia Guevara Warren, Kids Count Director

First, I am grateful for my family, friends, community and wonderful co-workers. I appreciate all of the amazing child advocates working tirelessly throughout the state every day and our funders who help support our work to improve the lives of kids and families in Michigan!


Karen Holcomb-Merrill, Vice President

The last year has been rough for those of us who advocate for public policies that lift up our state’s most vulnerable residents. I’m so grateful for my colleagues at the League; they continue to work hard and to support one another during these times.


Gilda Z. Jacobs, President and CEO

I’m thankful for the resilience of our amazing staff who get up every day to fight the good fight!


Phyllis Killips, Assistant to the President

I am thankful I was able to work part time for 24 years while raising my family and was still receiving health benefits, sick time and vacation benefits. Most jobs would not allow that.


Jenny Kinne, Community Engagement Director

I am thankful all of the amazing activists and leaders in my community who are tirelessly fighting for equity and justice. I am thankful for the courage I have witnessed and gained in this terrifying year.


Tillie Kucharek, Graphic Designer

This probably sounds like a cliché but I am grateful to have great, fun people to work with and interesting projects to challenge me. I also have a wonderful support system with my family and friends.


Mary Logan, Administrative Support

I am grateful that I am in the habit of contemplating every day about what I am grateful for!


Harriet McTigue, Kids Count Research Associate

I’m grateful for sweatpants, family and friends, young people running for office, carbs, dry shampoo, and Amy Poehler.


Laura Ross, Communications Associate

As someone who has worked directly with kids for most of my professional life, I’m so thankful to work with people who truly care about making Michigan a better place for all families, regardless of race, place or income. Though we’re living in contentious times when vitriolic tweets fly all around us, the League is a warm, comforting space where truth and equity are valued over politics and egotism. I’m incredibly grateful that I get to be part of this organization.


Alex Rossman, Communications Director

I’m thankful for my wonderful wife, family and friends; my smart and dedicated coworkers; the League’s amazing supporters, especially the people that read our blogs and like and share our social media posts to spread the word on our work; and elastic waistbands, Adam Sandler’s “Thanksgiving Song,” turkey naps and the fact that the Lions always play (and usually win) on Thanksgiving.


Rachel Richards, Legislative Coordinator

As a parent, aunt, and (much) older sister, I am grateful to work for an organization that not only examines–and tries to fix–what is going on in our state today but takes a long-view approach of those problems and solutions so we know that our children, and our children’s children, will be better off. (Plus it gives me an appropriate outlet to geek out on tax policy without boring my friends and family too much.)


Peter Ruark, Senior Policy Analyst

I’m grateful that I can come in every day to a job that I am passionate about, and that I see our positive influence on state policy on behalf of vulnerable populations.


Emily Schwarzkopf, Policy Analyst

I’m thankful for our partners in the Protect MI Care coalition who have helped us fight off four attempts (so far) to repeal the Affordable Care Act. And perhaps this is cliché, but I’m also thankful for my friends, family, and co-workers – they are simply the best and I am nothing without their love and support.


Carol Wreggelsworth, Bookkeeper

I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude for the help and comfort from friends and colleagues this past year. For me the assistance was a warm and bright ray of light representing good and caring people who are attentive to the struggle of others. Your caring gives me strength. Thank you so much, with blessings and great feelings of gratitude.


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