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Promoting the Healthy Michigan Plan: Budget Cuts to Outreach Jeopardize Success Aug 26, 2016
The 2017 State Budget Fails to Protect All Children and Families and Perpetuates Economic Disparities June 6, 2016
Increase Reforms and Support Services in Department of Corrections Budget May 12, 2016
Flint and Beyond: Cities in Crisis Need More Funding from the State May 12, 2016
Budget Funding for Adult Education, Training Will Help Workers and Boost Economy May 10, 2016
More Funding Needed for Low-Income Students and Families in 2017 School Aid, Education Budgets May 5, 2016
Support for Struggling Families Hinges on 2017 Health and Human Services Budget May 4, 2016
Give Michigan’s Prison Reentry Population the Tools to Thrive April 14, 2016
Helping Children Succeed Through Michigan’s At-Risk Funding April 7, 2016
Michigan Continues to Underfund Adult Education, Hamper Workers and Economy April 7, 2016
Michigan Needs to Expand Child Care Support to Keep Families Working April 5, 2016
A First Look at the Governor’s 2016-2017 Budget: Short-Term Fixes, Long-Term Challenges Feb. 26, 2016

Budget Testimony

Apr 11, 2016: Letter sent to House and Senate Appropriations Committees on reinstating the Part-Time Independent Student Grant
Mar 16, 2016: Memorandum: Presented to House Education Appropriations Subcommittee
Mar 16, 2016: Memorandum: 2017 School Aid and Michigan Department of Education budgets
Mar 15, 2016: Presented to the House Appropriations on School Aid Funding – Section 107
Mar 9, 2o16: Section 107 adult education funding
Mar 7, 2016: Presented to the House Appropriations Committee concerning Detroit public schools
Mar 3, 2016: League comments about the Governor’s proposed DHHS budget to the House Appropriations
Mar 1, 2016: League comments about the Governor’s proposed DHHS budget for the upcoming fiscal year to the Senate Appropriations
Jan 27, 2016: The League supports HB 5220, Flint supplemental

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