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You may think that a bunch of policy wonks and data geeks don’t go in for romance. But you couldn’t be farther from the truth. The League looks forward to Valentine’s Day, and our favorite way to express our emotions is through the written word. Behold our missives of love to the policies that strengthen—or WILL strengthen!— Michigan kids and families.

Gilda Jacobs, President and CEO:

Roads are a wreck
Blown is my axle
Schools need a lift
Time to raise taxes!

I <3 compromise.

Karen Holcomb-Merrill, Chief Operations Officer: Expecting a new grandbaby I am! Grateful for all of the programs that support healthy moms and babies and families!
Parker James, Kids Count Policy Analyst:

A free preschool program
that gives little ones a “great start”
learning, playing, growing
GSRP warms my heart!
What a great thing
that we should expand
let’s boost up families
all across the land

Julie Cassidy, Senior Policy Analyst:

Apples are red
Blueberries are blue
10 Cents a Meal feeds Michigan kids
And supports our farmers, too ©

Emily Jorgensen, Communications Assistant:

Dear SNAP,
It seems like you’re constantly under attack,
so please know the League always has your back.
When times are tough and things feel unstable,
you help families put food on the table.
I’m so very grateful for your existence,
thank you so much for your caring assistance.

Brandon Betz, Tax Policy Analyst:

Oh, how I love thee
You help me rise to the status of Bourgeoisie.
Don’t forget to claim your EITC!

Simon Marshall-Shah, State Policy Fellow: State policies that restore voting rights to individuals after felony convictions show there is room for more than one V-day each year—Voting day, that is!
Amber Bellazaire, Health Policy Analyst:

You support mom and child.
Your impact is far from mild.
Thank you, Title V.
I hope you continue to thrive!

Laura Ross, Communications Director:

Fair doesn’t mean ‘same’
and one size won’t fit all
Strong kids are our aim
And school funding’s the call.

To make sure that every child’s well educated
We must make school funding in Michigan weighted!

Alex Rossman, External Affairs Director:

At the League, public policy is a labor of love…
Pushing for overtime protections and better wages
To show love for the labor force;
Supporting better healthcare and affordable child care
To show that we care;
Raising the age of juvenile jurisdiction, raising the asset limit on assistance and just raising awareness
To lift up good policy and raise people’s spirits.

These refrains are but a few,
But our commitment is forever true.
Tackling issues old and new
In love letters, bill analyses or haikus.
And always remember that it is YOU
That rests at the heart of all that we do.

Peter Ruark, Senior Policy Analyst:

Hard work should pay,
or so people say
But let’s stop all these workplace outrages
Such as signing a noncompete,
or getting no break to eat,
Or improper deductions from wages.

Working extra hours with no compensation
Should not be required anywhere in this great nation,
And every working parent that has a sick child
Should have some time off without the boss getting riled.

And schedules should be posted a week in advance
To spare those same workers that persistent dance
Of “Can I or can’t I get the child care I need?”
A state with happy workers is a happy state, indeed!

But to get there we know
that some laws have to go
such as city and county pre-emption
that bars local leaders
from setting parameters
for questions on job applications
and wages and schedules,
paid family and sick leave,
the right to form a union—
it’s so hard to believe
we’re still fighting these battles
in the year 2020
just to make sure hard workers
earn paychecks of plenty.

So let’s show some love to those bold policymakers
Who are working to rein in the exploiters and takers.
Let’s shout out to the workers putting food on the table,
Show them some love, too, and support as we’re able.


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    Dr. Barbara Edema

    Thank you, thank you! What beautiful words of hope and security for all Michiganders. Happy Valentine’s Day to each of you, and thank you for your hard work and positive attitudes!

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