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I had the incredible opportunity to intern with the Michigan League for Public Policy this fall, and I have enjoyed every minute of my experience. I have been able to write blogs that have been published on the League’s website, I have authored reports on topics that I am passionate about and I even had the chance to attend a (very fancy) dinner hosted by the Citizens Research Council.
Working with the League has enabled me to complete projects I never thought I would be working on as a college student. I loved working here so much, I decided to spell it out for everyone:
L – Literally the nicest people to work with. Thank you to everyone at the League for instantly welcoming me into the office and stopping by my cubicle just to say ‘hey’. The League’s staff are really what made my time here special!
E – Extraordinarily interesting projects that I had the chance to work on, including reports on Race for Results data and the importance of third-grade reading benchmarks. I had so much freedom to choose what I was interested in and how I would write each report. Thank you to the League for the faith and trust you had in me!
A – Author—me! I was able to write blog posts on youth advocacy and the needs of African-American kids and the reports mentioned above that are now published on the League’s website. I can’t thank everyone enough for allowing me to become published as a college student and giving me the chance to finally apply everything I’ve learned in my college courses to the real world.
G – Great, really important research and advocacy that happens every day at the League, thanks to the wonderful, passionate and smart staff! These people are doing work that will help all residents of Michigan, from hungry children to unemployed adults. With the League, I knew I was really making a difference through the reports and research I completed.
U – Unceasing snacks and coffee! Shoutout to the coffee machine that kept me alive, even on days when I had been up studying for my classes at Michigan State till 4 a.m. the night before. You’re the real MVP.
E – Everything! This experience has been amazing. I’ve learned so much about myself and about issues that are important to Michigan families. I can’t put into words how much this opportunity has meant to me; thank you to everyone who made my time at the League so wonderful!
I want to give a special shoutout to Gilda Jacobs, Rachel Richards and my incredible, amazing boss Alicia Guevara Warren. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to intern with the League this fall semester. I will never forget all of the things I have been able to accomplish with their help and guidance!

— Casey Paskus, Kids Count Intern

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