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I’ve been joking with our comms team about how many half-written blogs I have. So much so that they suggested that my final blog just be all of my half-written blogs. There are blogs about budgets, conferences I attended, events that impacted me, and of course lots of rage-induced ones on Healthy Michigan Plan work requirements.

Also, did you miss that part about this being my final blog? It’s true. After a little over two years, Friday was my last day. I started an exciting new challenge yesterday. But I couldn’t leave the League without taking a moment to look back. So here it is—my reflection on the past two-plus years:

I’ve written before (on a blog I actually completed) that I am a health policy nerd and I knew when I came to League right before the start of the Trump administration, things were going to be tough. I’m a person who not only believes passionately about things, I also—perhaps to the detriment of my own health—feel the things I believe in. The past two years have included missed meals because of the pit in my stomach watching families of children with complex needs explain what the ACA meant to them and what its demise would mean to their children, increased blood pressure when I simply couldn’t understand how legislators didn’t believe the facts we were showing them about the harm of work requirements, lack of sleep from watching late night attempts to repeal the ACA, and wine…lots of lots of wine to deal with the victories and defeats.

Emily Schwarzkopf represents the League at a town hall with Rep. Debbie Dingell and Rep. Sander Levin in 2017.


But one of the things I think I love the most about working here is how much my co-workers also feel about the issues they work on—it’s one of my favorite parts of working here and something I know that I will carry with me. I have also witnessed our partners here at the state level and those at the national level (shoutout to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities’ health team) are equally as passionate about ensuring the best opportunities and best healthcare for all Michiganders. I’m incredibly #blessed to be surrounded by these wonderful people and I am a better advocate and person for knowing them all.

Enough with the mushy stuff, here are some of my favorite moments working at the League:

  • Meeting other health policy nerds from other states at conferences. But also getting to go to conferences with my co-workers here at the League.
  • Breaking down the latest episode of The Bachelor with Mary and Parker.
  • Seeing Alicia less than I used to, even though we work together now, because she is so busy and her office is so far away.
  • After doing our DISC® assessments, telling people that Rachel and I were almost the exact same and no one being shocked by that. I joke about it, but also feel like this is the greatest compliment because who wouldn’t want to be like Rachel? I’ll miss you, Policy Mom.
  • Being on a panel with members of our Congressional delegation.
  • Celebratory bagels or bread for any number of things (budget day, election day, etc.)
  • Karen saving my office shoe collection when we were worried about the office flooding.
  • Alex and Laura’s confidence boosts right before and right after I talk to a member of the media.
  • Discussing the current political state with Pat and every other interaction I had with anyone in the kitchen.
  • Finding out that Gilda is one of my sorority sisters … at my interview.
  • Getting to talk to student reporters and national reporters at the Washington Post and Huffington Post. I made sure to thank them every time for covering these very important issues.

I can’t say thank you enough. This feeling of gratitude will not soon be lost. I also, obviously couldn’t leave you without one last fact sheet on Medicaid; here is my best attempt to break down a very complicated issue as best as possible.

If you find yourself dreaming of Medicaid financing or get excited like a kid on Christmas for budget announcement day, feel free to apply for my job HERE, you’ll love it here—I promise…

Take care, blog readers! Thanks for listening to my nerdom and Netflix and food advocacy. You’ll find me on Twitter @eschwarzkopf expressing lots of hot takes on the upcoming Bachelor finale and MSU sports (Go Green!).


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