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Whether you’re embarking on a long road trip or spending a few restless hours trapped in an airport terminal, there’s no reason you should have to listen to five renditions of the same holiday song on your way home this season. I’ve got your holiday travel playlist covered.

Over the past few years, podcasts have taken off as one of the most popular mediums for storytelling. Today, you can probably find a podcast on any topic you’re curious about. At the League, a number of us are avid podcast listeners, and I’ve gotten some pretty great recommendations from colleagues who listen to podcasts about current events, music and books, among others. Podcasts are wonderful tools for education, too. Over the past year, some of my favorite podcast hosts have challenged me to learn more about and take action on issues like tax justice and voter engagement.

I’ve gathered some of the episodes I’ve listened to recently that touch on issues related to race and social justice. The stories in these episodes depict the struggle, pain and hope of communities striving for a better future. Take a listen, let yourself be challenged, and share what you learn with others.


Code Switch – A podcast tackling conversations about race and identity hosted by two journalists of color.
“Census Watch 2020” The hosts talk about why the Census is about so much more than hard data, the controversial citizenship question, and what an undercount of vulnerable populations would mean for the programs community members depend on.

“A Prescription for ‘Racial Imposter Syndrome’” An episode exploring the human need to belong and the reasons why so many multiracial and multi-ethnic and bicultural people feel like they don’t.


At the Intersection – A podcast about two friends investigating what happens at the intersection of culture, identity and policy.
“Environmental Racism: When the Storm Hits” The hosts explore what comes after natural disasters devastate predominantly Black and brown communities, and speak with community organizer Omisade Burney-Scott about her time in her hometown of New Bern, NC after Hurricane Florence hit.


This American Life – A weekly public radio program and podcast exploring different themes and putting together different kinds of stories on those themes.

“Our Town” Part I and Part II The hosts of the podcast spent eight months and did over a hundred interviews to try to bypass the usual rhetoric and get to the bottom of what really happened when undocumented workers showed up in one Alabama town.


There Goes the Neighborhood – A podcast that takes an in-depth look at gentrification in Los Angeles.
“They Want My House” In some of L.A.’s poorest neighborhoods more than 20% of all home sales are flips—houses bought by investors within the past year and then sold for a profit. But the rising costs of renovated homes are transforming the economic and racial makeup of entire communities, and make it harder for families to find affordable housing.

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