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We’ve fielded a number of questions on the 2018 Farm Bill, and as Congress moves toward a final farm bill, we want to make sure everyone understands the gravity of this situation.

UPDATE: As of Sept. 30, the 2014 Farm Bill has expired, making the passage of the new 2018 bill even more pressing. Nutrition programs like SNAP will continue to run at current spending levels until a new bill in place, but a variety of smaller line items will need to be granted an extension and reauthorized in the next farm bill if they are to continue.

The League and its allies are still promoting support of the U.S. Senate’s version of the farm bill because it protects and strengthens SNAP.

Last spring, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a controversial version of the farm bill that would make it more difficult for millions of struggling Americans to receive nutrition assistance—it’s projected that 400,000 households would lose access to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), for example—and also would invest in a state-run job training program that has shown no proof that it will help people move out of poverty. The plan would impose harsher work requirements and thousands of children would be at risk of losing their enrollment in free and reduced-price school meal programs.

Fortunately, the U.S. Senate passed a version of the farm bill that protects and strengthens SNAP. With your help, we will continue to advocate in favor of Congress using the Senate’s version of the bill as a model for the final farm bill.


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Show gratitude to Congressman Fred Upton, who was one of the few Republicans who opposed the bill because of the damage it would cause to families that struggle, and urge him to continue his support.

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