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Last year, the American Psychological Association conducted a study and found that two-thirds of Americans listed “the future of our nation” as their primary source of stress. Americans, I get it.

With attacks on children, their families and healthcare, to name a few, June was a particularly trying month for those of us working for economic and social justice. We felt beaten down, listless … sometimes hopeless. But like you, we at the League are resolved get up and fight each day and to seek hope when it seems hardest to do so.

The other day, I arrived in the office to see that someone had started a “Wall of Hope” featuring a few inspirational quotes and pictures. By the end of the day the wall had grown, and it’s now begun to take over the entire hallway.

So despite the pressure all around, we at the League haven’t given up hope. We want to inspire hope.


A new “Wall of Hope” has emerged in the League’s office space.


My favorite post on the wall is a small sign that says simply: “Your Vote Counts.” Wow. When I saw it, I came to an abrupt stop because I realized that voting is one of the greatest providers of hope we have in this country. What is more inspiring than knowing our choice contributes to the future of our nation, state and community?

Voting is a simple enough act. So simple that many of us take it for granted from time to time (42% of people didn’t even exercise their right to vote in 2016.) But this year as we look for reasons to stay hopeful and not stay home, we’re committed to making sure everyone uses their power to vote.

A new “Wall of Hope” has emerged in the League’s office space.

The League is involved in several campaigns to encourage voting and make the process fair and safe for all. We’re part of the broad coalition supporting Promote the Vote in Michigan, which seeks to make Michigan’s voting system fairer. The campaign shares some powerful stories about those who’ve been left out of the process, reminding us that we’ve got work to do when it comes to making sure all voices are heard. We’ve also compiled a list of questions about our major issue areas that you can ask candidates before you make your decisions at the polls. And voting can’t happen if we’re not on top of registration and other important deadlines and dates, so be sure to stay on top of basic facts about voting in Michigan.

This won’t be the last you’ll hear from me on this subject. I refuse to give up hope when you and I hold such power in our hands.

May you enjoy the beautiful Michigan summer … and may your civic duty give you hope.

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