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Whitmer wants to see a proposal with a salary level comparable to the Obama-era proposal or one that strengthens the duties test and includes the addition of a clear proposal for indexing.

She said state workers are still feeling the adverse effects from the Trump Administration’s abandoning of the previous overtime rule.

“As a result, Michigan workers have lost more than $56 million in overtime pay,” said Whitmer. “That’s a pay cut that is hurting our state’s working families and our economy. This proposal is more of the same.”

Gilda Jacobs, president and CEO for the Michigan League for Public Policy, said she applauds Whitmer for championing workers on this issue and addressing the needs of Michigan workers.

“Michigan’s workers have been hit hard for decades, and now the Trump administration is turning its back on 192,000 workers with this watered-down overtime rule change,” said Jacobs.

The U.S. Department of Labor is accepting public comment on the proposed revisions until Tuesday, May 21. May 20, 2019 – The Oakland Press

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