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In honor of National Poetry Month and Tax Day 2019, the League is celebrating with an ode to all that taxes provide.

Taxing Poetic

I have a dream of a Michigan
Where our economy is strong
Where we can provide what everyone needs
And where everyone feels they belong.

There is a kid going hungry
Unsure of the next time they’ll eat
It may be yours or may be mine
Or may be a kid down the street.

All of our children deserve
Clean cool water from the faucet
Water is a universal need
And no one should have lost it.

Do we want high-quality schools
Where all our kids can learn
Can create and can imagine
And let their passions burn?

Do we want high-quality schools
Where teachers feel respected
And they teach the best they can
Because they know they’ll be protected?

We want neighborhood parks
Where children of all ages play
Where picnics are held and families come
And it’s safe to stay all day.

As a mother I know how it feels
When a child has a health scare
And to try to figure out, on top of the nerves,
How to pay for his or her care.

Our children count on so many things
To which money is connected
Many of them listed above
And so many that I’ve neglected

Like police and fire protection
Libraries and a safe working condition
Child care, affordable housing too
The list goes on and on.

Taxes are what makes a Michigan
That works for you and for me
If we see that they benefit everyone
So much better off we will be.

We are in this together
And on tax day (today!)
I’ll tell you that
Taxes are truly a privilege to pay.

(And yes, tire damage from a large pothole
Is something I don’t need to mention
We see them everywhere, on every street
And they need our immediate attention.)





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