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Elvira Kovachevich, Intern

By Elvira Kovachevich, Intern

As the Michigan weather changes the landscape from a frozen wonderland, to green grass sprinkled with dew, back to snow-covered roads, I could feel my spring term internship with the League drawing to a close.

Despite the weather often saying otherwise, spring is here (hopefully), and soon the summer heat will take over and eventually the crisp air will return and time will go on. As time keeps passing, I know the League will keep working.

My spring semester with the League was a whirlwind; I felt caught up in an atmosphere of change. The League’s guiding principle, “to promote racial equity, economic security, health and well-being for all people in Michigan through policy change”, remained at the forefront of every encounter I had. I had no idea what to expect when I came here, bright-eyed and curious, on my first day, but I know what I can expect when I leave.

“The League’s staff is committed to social justice and meets frequently to continue their own education.”. We’ll miss her! <3

I know that Rachel, my intern coordinator, will keep advocating for a better Michigan. I know Laura and Alex will keep encouraging everyone to write blogs on their work, personalizing policy instead of letting it be regarded as simply words on a paper or screen. I know Renell and Jayme will continue engaging communities all over Michigan. All in all, I know the League will continue to advocate for those in our state who need it.

Throughout my internship experience, I learned about a variety of topics, from analyzing aspects of Trump’s tax plan that directly affect low-income communities to researching Michigan tax laws and how we can improve them for a better Michigan for all. My writing style alternated from being professional, analytical, and concise to being less formal and more personal in these blog posts. Most of all, I learned that there is a lot of work to be done to make Michigan an even better home to all of our citizens and that the League relentlessly works to accomplish this goal.

The League will always have a special place in my heart, and it has left an impression on me and my future goals. After this experience, I feel even more motivated to do what I can to make Michigan a better home. Upon my graduation in May, I accepted a position with a non-profit refugee resettlement agency in Grand Rapids; I will be coordinating an effort between the city of Grand Rapids and a national initiative to understand how Grand Rapids can support immigrants, refugees, and other new Americans—how Grand Rapids can make itself a home for this population.

The biggest thing I’ve learned from the League is that change will only come from dedicated work, but that not everyone who wants to make change has to be drafting a law. The power is in each and every one of our hands to advocate for not only ourselves, but for our neighbors and fellow Michiganders. So thank you to everyone at the Michigan League for Public Policy for every interaction, every story shared, every project you’ve given me—I’ll treasure it as I try to continue to make Michigan a better home too.


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