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October 31, 2019

Alex Rossman


League and ‘Drive Michigan Forward’ Coalition applaud Sen. Stephanie Chang’s bill to reinstate driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants 

LANSING—The Michigan League for Public Policy issued the following statement on Sen. Stephanie Chang’s announcement today, along with Sen. Winnie Brinks, Reps. Alex Garza and Rachel Hood, and a broad-based coalition of organizations. Thanks Senate Bill 631 and House Bill 5192 will require the Secretary of State—after developing rules in cooperation with law enforcement, immigrants’ rights groups and other interested parties—to issue a driver’s license to applicants who satisfy all other requirements for a license, and SB 632 and HB 5193, which would do the same for the issuance of a state identification card.

The statement can be attributed to Michigan League for Public Policy President and CEO Gilda Z. Jacobs.

“This is a family issue, and it’s a community issue. Sen. Chang’s bill will help parents get their kids to school. It will help workers keep their jobs. It will help families get to the grocery store, to the doctor’s office, to the bank. With the ability to drive, undocumented Michiganders can take care of their families without the fear of being punished or separated from the ones they love. Let’s face it. Michigan is a state where driving and proving your identity are essential parts of life. All people, regardless of citizenship, should be able to take driver’s courses, take tests, pay fees, have insurance and register their vehicles. It makes the roads safer, and more importantly, it tells immigrants they belong.”


The Michigan League for Public Policy,, is a nonprofit policy institute focused on economic opportunity for all. It is the only state-level organization that addresses poverty in a comprehensive way.

The League is proud to be part of Drive Michigan Forward, a coalition of immigrants, their families and their allies, whose goal is to restore driver’s licenses to all and pave the way for basic dignity and security for all members of our community. By returning driver’s licenses to undocumented Michiganders, we can make Michigan a place where everyone has an opportunity to thrive and belong.

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