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At a Thursday press conference, state Sen. Stephanie Chang (D-Detroit) called it a “matter of human dignity” for those who can’t prove their lawful presence to be able to obtain state identification.

Chang and other Democratic legislators said they’re moving forward with plans to introduce a “Drive SAFE” package of bills that would allow undocumented immigrants, workers and seniors to obtain Michigan state IDs or driver licenses. Drive SAFE (Safety, Access, Freedom and the Economy) also would give identification to individuals born abroad to American families, foreign adoptees and seniors whose birth records might have been lost.

Per legislators’ descriptions, two bills in the package — Senate Bill 631 and House Bill 5192, which are not yet online — would require the secretary of state to work with immigrants’ rights groups and law enforcement to issue licenses to applicants who satisfy all requirements. In addition, two more bills — SB 632 and HB 5193 — would do the same for issuing state ID cards.

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