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The 3-1 vote meant Swanson’s colleagues successfully passed what he still describes as a “terrible” rule change.

It wasn’t the only blow to state workers he has seen as a commissioner, he said at the end of Wednesday’s meeting.

“I know the last few years have been difficult for state employees with things such as Right to Work legislation and attacks on your collective bargaining rights,” he said. “And I know that things change slowly on the Civil Service Commission by design. But things will change, because elections do have consequences.”

David Berridge, President of the SEIU Local 517 science and engineering bargaining unit, publicly thanked Swanson for his work during the meeting.

“The loss of him on this commission is going to be a sad day for the balance between labor and management,” he said.

Swanson sits on the Michigan League for Public Policy Board of Directors. He worked in city of Lansing and state government for decades before retiring in 2007 from his post as director of the Department of Labor and Economic Growth. Dec 12, 2018 – Lansing State Journal

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