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Yes, we’re into data. Yes, we love watching live feeds from the Michigan House and Senate. Yes, we actually enjoy talking about tax policy and reading spreadsheets.

But just because we’re nerds doesn’t mean we don’t have heart. Even though what we work on might seem a little wonkish, the entire reason we do what we do is that we have big hearts and love the people of Michigan and the policies they depend on. And we can even get a little poetic (when we’re forced by the communications director to do so…).  Today, we give you our love letters to policies.

Victoria Crouse

Victoria Crouse, Policy Fellow

Dear DACA,
Thank you for opening this country’s arms to young immigrants, keeping families intact and giving everyone a shot at the American dream

Alicia Guevara Warre

Alicia Guevara Warren, Kids Count Director

Dear Home Visiting Programs,

How I love the support and coaching that your home visitors give to kids and families every day. I admire the dedication of home visitors and the diverse models with varying focuses and evidence-based results. I am loving that Congress reauthorized funding for five years for MIECHV (Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting).


Gilda Z. Jacobs

Gilda Z. Jacobs, President and CEO

Dear Supporters of the League,

My heart belongs to you, our dear helpful friends.
You make our work count…on you it depends!

Through fight after fight, through thick and through thin
You give us the strength to help Michigan win.

Renell Weathers

Renell Weathers, Community Engagement Director
Heat and Eat, you are so sweet!
Helping seniors and kids stay strong all year long…
with you fully funded, Michigan can’t go wrong!
Thanks, legislators, for keeping Heat and Eat in the budget!

Jenny Kinne

Jenny Kinne, Community Engagement Specialist

I love you, advocates
Please don’t protest my affections!

Alex Rossman

Alex Rossman, Communications Director

Healthy Michigan Plan, How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways…
$235,000,000 in state budget savings, 673,000 people you care for, 30,000 new jobs each year…
ONE devoted admirer.

Karen Holcomb-Merril

Karen Holcomb-Merrill, Vice President
Thank you, racial equity,
Barriers exposed
So we can tear them all down

Rachel Richards

Rachel Richards, Legislative Coordinator

Taxes pay for roads…
Taxes pay for schools…
I love paying taxes…
And so should you!

Peter Ruark

Peter Ruark, Senior Policy Analyst

 UI is “U” and “I”.
Cutting Unemployment Insurance is a broken promise that breaks my heart.

Emily Schwarzkopf

Emily Schwarzkopf, Policy Analyst

Four failed attempts to repeal you…
Sorry, ACA
Congress just can’t quit you!
Once we finished our love letters, we felt that we still had more affection to express, so we put together some videos to share far and wide!
I need you like working families need the EITC. 
You warm my heart like LIHEAP warms homes.
You feed my soul like SNAP feeds families.
UR my paid sick leave during flu season.
Policies We Love…

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