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Elections can be rough. Believe me, I know. I spent around thirty years of my life running for office. I have tasted victory and endured defeat. But regardless of the outcome, I survived and forged ahead, continuing to work to make a difference in any way that I can.
It is on all of us to do the same right now. This campaign season was more divisive than ever and there is palpable pain and anger. We can’t let those feelings continue to pull us further apart.

Instead, we have to channel that energy and use it for good. The election is over and regardless of who and what you voted for, the real work starts now. It is time to engage with your elected officials at the local, state and federal level and stand up for the Michigan kids, workers and families we all care about. You have the power to build a better Michigan that is meeting the needs of everyone.

After this week, I firmly believe our work at the League is more important than ever. A respected, data-driven and nonpartisan voice will be needed to cut through the political rancor and stand up for the people of Michigan.

The League has been around for more than 104 years. That means that we’ve survived a lot of elections and always stayed true to our mission and the people of Michigan regardless of who was in office. We are nonpartisan because we believe the well-being of all Michigan kids, families and workers is nonpartisan, and we will work with anyone and everyone to make sure their needs are heard.

You can do the same. Whether you supported them or not, you have the power to influence your elected officials as a constituent. Many of them are coming to Lansing for the first time and have a fresh perspective and a clean slate.

Remember that relationship-building is a key to effective advocacy. It’s up to you to be as visible in their offices as lobbyists and special interest groups will be. In fact, the next two months between the election and the new session is a prime time to meet with them.
And we’re here to help. We believe that research, data and sound analysis will always win out over partisanship and political rhetoric. We work hard to ensure that child well-being, economic security, and race and gender equity get the attention they deserve, and that includes providing you and your elected officials with local information to highlight these needs.

Information is vital, but it is only one part of the equation. That’s why the League has also compiled an advocacy guide and a list of advocacy tips to empower you to get engaged.

Democracy and public policy go hand-in-hand. But regardless of the outcome of elections, we must be resolute. I hope you will join me in continuing our fight for an economy that works for all.

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