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It’s Tax Day! Today is the day that we acknowledge and celebrate all that you do for your state, your community, your neighbors and your families!

I realize that no one likes to pay taxes. The time it takes to find all of your documents and fill out the forms. The frustration over paying at the end of the year if you did not withhold enough. The constant stress over whether you did them right. It is frustrating. But it is also incredibly important.

In paying taxes, you provide our state with so much. Taxes pay for good schools, maintained roads, parks, public safety, a trained workforce, libraries, safe food, and so much more—and I wanted to take today to thank you for all of this.
Thank you for investing in our schools. My husband and I recently started enrolling our son in kindergarten at a local public elementary school. I am thankful that he will be taught by trained teachers who will provide him with a high-quality education so that he can succeed later on in life.

Thank you for helping fix and maintain our roads. The orange barrel season is upon us, but I know that road repairs will mean less in car repairs coming out of my pocket—fewer potholes mean fewer flat tires and alignments.

Thank you for ensuring that my community is safe. Knowing that I can call the police or fire department if I need them provides me with the security I need to live comfortably in my house.

Thank you for providing my family with fun activities to do all year long. Whether camping at a state park, playing at the local playground, swimming at the public beach or curling up with a new book from the library, your taxpayer dollars provide us with things to keep my family and me healthy, active and constantly learning.

And there is so much more to be thankful for.

Paying taxes should not be something to dread; paying taxes should be looked at as a privilege. We pay taxes so that we can invest in things that we need to have great communities, so that we can encourage business growth and create a place where people want to live.

We, as taxpayers, provide these important services and should be applauded for doing so.

Thank you!

— Rachel Richards

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