More information on Michigan’s Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) can be found in the following articles, reports and blogs from 2019:

Letter: Coalition urges Michigan legislators to expand EITC 

Crain’s Detroit Business: Restoring Earned Income Tax Credit benefits workers, businesses

Detroit News: Letter: Let’s help Michigan working families

Alpena News: How to build a bridge from Mackinac Island to Alpena

League News Release: Public and political support remains high for Michigan EITC its benefits for state residents, local economies

Michigan Advance: Study: ‘Deaths of despair’ could drop with EITC, minimum wage boosts

League News Release: Governor’s budget invigorates state and residents, invests in key priorities of EITC, education, clean water

MLPP Fact Sheets: Michigan EITC: A Two-Generation Approach That Promotes Work and Helps Kids

League Blog: Schools almost out … but we still need extra credit

WEMU: Michigan Senate Could Consider Boost To Tax Credit For ‘Working Poor’

League Report: The Cost-of-Living Refund: A bold proposal to help make Michigan’s economy work for everyone — Executive Summary

Michigan Legal Help: Meet the Earned Income Tax Credit

League Blog: Income & Racial Inequities: The Elephant in the Classroom

League Brief: Expanding Michigan’s Earned Income Tax Credit: Providing a much-needed boost to young workers

League Blog: Gov. Whitmer’s 2020 budget: Bold solutions to entrenched problems

League Brief: A first look at Gov. Whitmer’s 2020 state budget (MLPP Publication)

League Publication: Money Back in Michigan 

League Blog: News Flash: Michigan taxes are still upside-down  (MLPP Factually Speaking Blog)

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