You and the nearly 10 million people who call Michigan home are and will always be the real owners of this great state. It’s time that our public policies reflect that.
That’s why we’ve listened to Michiganders just like you and we’re ready to pop the hood, roll up our sleeves and work together to get things running smoothly. 

  • We're told we're in a 'thriving economy' and that the stock market is doing great. But very few of us are engaged in the stock market. Interestingly, this economy isn't helping the people who need it most.

    Richard Detroit
  • People have played by the rules and through no fault of their own they've lost everything.

    Charlie Lansing
  • Kids can't focus on homework when they're worried about where they're going to get their next meal.

    Chris Muskegon

The Owner’s Manual for Michigan is a plan to help create

Families thrive when they have the support they need. Housing, child care, food and economic security are vital for all families … and strong families are vital to Michigan.

Physical and mental health in Michigan are in major need of a tune-up. But there’s a lot more to healthy communities. Inclusiveness, sense of safety and environmental health are on the minds of Michiganders. 

Young woman and man laughing in commercial kitchen

Michiganders want to work. Our plan gives people a path toward higher wages and gets rid of barriers that keep people out of the workplace.

Members of our focus groups made it clear that education is a priority. We have a plan to lift kids up and help them thrive.

Female teacher giving a lesson to nursery students. They are sitting on the floor and there is a teacher taking notes.

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