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A Note on our COVID-19 Policy Briefs

The Michigan League for Public Policy has been around since 1912, and the COVID-19 pandemic is one of the biggest health and economic crises to face our organization, our state and our nation in the past 108 years. As policymakers at the state and federal level work quickly to combat the coronavirus outbreak, we want to lend our expertise and experience to inform lawmakers’ public policy decisions now and down the road, as the economic and fiscal strains stand to last long after the virus is under control.

We believe the League’s insights are particularly important right now as:

  • A voice for Michiganders of color and residents with lower incomes who stand to be impacted the most by COVID-19 and the economic fallout that follows;
  • A longstanding advocate for safety net programs like unemployment and food assistance that are more important now than ever;
  • And as fiscal experts who help analyze and advocate for sound state and federal budget decisions.

We commend the state and federal action that has been taken so far, and want to do our part to guide decision-makers as these challenging times and important decisions continue.

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