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Post Traumatic Slavery


I had a Black friend attend a lecture given by Dr Joy DeGruy called “Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome. (She has a book by the same title).  After the lecture, my friend shot me a text. “This is the BEST lecture I have EVER attended!!!”  I checked out the book and was introduced to the idea of generational trauma.  It made clear sense to me.  The readings and videos I looked at with today’s topic echo this lecture/book.  Dr DeGruy also speaks of the cognitive dissonance that the white culture lives with.  This I can see in the push back to all the loud voices speaking up currently in the Black Lives Matter protests.  The cognitive dissonance is such a heavy burden.  Learning so much with this challenge has offered a path out of that and to a stronger, inquiring position to deal with racial equity as a white person.


appreciate the reflection on cognitive dissonance

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