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Other underpinnings to cultural-add hires


I don’t have much comment on this day’s subject except to note this:

Why is it legal to have salaries of each person in an organization, company and factory hidden?  And why are non-disclosure agreements and non-compete agreements legal.  I think structurally these three policies create the shadowy underpinnings of systemic inequity in the labor market.  Hiring for cultural fit or add would perhaps be less an issue if the above policies were made mute.

Also, I do understand (not condone) the resistance to diversity in the workplace.  This value that could be created by hiring diverse workers is ideal, but in practice hits up against the capacity for the company to desire to add this extra emotional “work” to their already perhaps emotionally overburdened -or perhaps harmonious- work culture.  The choice to stay with the system may be missing dynamism in the future, but it gets current workers through the day and pays their bills.

The legal secrecy around compensation in employment is a disincentive to evening the playing field gender-wise and racially.  Legal non-compete clauses are a disincentive to companies we need to value their current employees.  Legal non-disclosure compacts create disincentives for companies to act ethically, further allowing them to stay systemically racist, bigoted, misogynistic and corrupt.


If you are referring to salary or wage nondisclosure, this is not legal and most employees. with management as exception, are protected by the NLRB. There is lots of talk about forbidding prior salary disclosure,  which may indeed reduce some of the institutional racism we have been discussing.

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