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I always thought, but now I understand.


I always believed that I am not a racist. I believe in equality, that everyone be treated fairly, and to see a person for who they are on the inside.

But, I find myself making decisions based on race. Little minute things, perhaps unconsciously, come up and make decisions that are very well racist. I know now that it takes being aware of my flaws and practice everyday to erase any kind of racist thought out of my head.


What a wonderful insight.  I've been doing this work for over 10 years now, and I still have to be reminded.  I loved his analogy of dental hygiene.  I keep hoping I'll be "baked"....but I never think of taking care of my hygiene that way.  A profound mindset shift that I have to keep coming back to over and over again....I think since I've heard the dental analogy, it'll be easier to keep it in the forefront of my thoughts.


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