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Different Levels of Racism


I bookmarked the "4 different kids of racism" page from the Oppression Monitor Daily website. I found it very helpful to organize the concept in this way. To go further, I will write some notes to help me understand better. 

Individual-level racism is between people. Interpersonal racism is when someone does something to another- there is an interaction. Internalized racism is our private beliefs about racism that came to us through the culture around us.

Systemic-level racism is referring to institutions like schools, prisons, etc. Institutional racism has to do with policies and practices that are discriminatory- there is an identified party that has more power. Structural racism has to do with societal factors. Like when schools and employers say some Black hairstyles are too distracting- placing consequence on the individual and subjecting them to unequal treatment.

In my college courses, I come across structural racism the most. When focusing on racial equity work, I think I pay more attention to systemic-level racism rather than individual-level racism because of how systems interact with communities. However, systemic-level racism is often sustained by individual racists, so I should focus there too. Systemic racism has often been silent but is becoming more talked about as we work to extinguish all forms of racism.

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