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Day 8


I am white, and I have been seeing explicit and implicit racism everywhere. I once separated myself from an old friend because I could not keep correcting her/debating with her on her racist "opinions." I think I felt like it was my job to constantly scold her whenever she made a racist remark. I came to the conclusion that I should not have to act like her mother, and the relationship ended. This began a series of relationships ended because I grew tired of telling them off whenever we would hang out. I think I did the right thing in cutting ties, but I also feel guilty for not being able to change their minds and for giving up on trying.

I see racism in colleges too. Besides what is reported in the media, specific majors within colleges can be more racist/prejudiced than others. Unfortunately, I see and hear my social work colleagues express uneducated views and make prejudiced comments about people in our community. It is coming from the faculty and students. It comes from the organizations we intern at and volunteer for. You can't go a day without encountering racism in some aspect of social work. It makes you wonder how POC in this field handle these experiences. I try my best to speak up in the nicest way I can- but I do get really angry. I mean,  we are social workers... how can racism be so prevalent?? How can my peers who are entering the field think in the backwards ways they do? It makes me feel like I entered the wrong field. Like I don't belong here. BUT that is exactly why I need to stay and be an ally. I HAVE to use my white skin in order to amplify the voices, thoughts, opinions, and views of those who are not white. I think there are a lot of more experienced social workers who may feel the same way. I will keep these thoughts in mind as I gain more experience in the field- it is just disheartening.

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