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Confronting Racism


I really enjoyed the reading and videos for today. I am white, and I can relate to hearing and seeing similar racist experiences as the ones highlighted in the articles. I have called out racists before, but usually only with people I am comfortable with-- you see the paradox? Yeah... I lost a few friends. But confronting people is difficult, especially when they have some sort of power over you-like being a male or your boss. When I was bartending, people thought they could just say whatever they wanted to me; including all of their racist and misogynistic beliefs. There is not much to do but walk away and try not to pay them any attention or else they will get mad and possibly report the incident to a manager. I think other service workers may feel the same way-- it is hard to tell someone they are racist when your job depends on "the customer is always right."

And what happens if you report racism to a restaurant manager? They tell you "that's life" and you're supposed to get back to serving them. I had the privilege of leaving this toxic work environment (for plenty of other reasons), but I think about all of the people stuck in these situations who have to endure in order to make rent. This is everyday America.

In reading the EF post, I appreciated the reminder. Sometimes when you're frustrated because you're getting called out, it is hard for your brain to come up with the right things to say. By reading these articles, I feel as though I am programming my brain to filter out dumb/inappropriate responses/comments. The western world has been taught to think and speak in a way that benefits the white man. I appreciate being able to dissect what I am saying and rewire my thinking to be antiracist. Like any brain game, this takes practice! I thought that these day 9 readings were spot on.

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