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closing reflections


This challenge has been educational- the videos and articles were great- what a wealth of information, I am thankful for this opportunity to educate myself. This challenge caused me to reflect on my past actions (and non-actions) regarding racism. I am now aware of the many levels where racism exists, I am aware now of perspectives, thoughts and feelings of others regarding racism, especially feelings of pain and hurt. I admit to having thoughts of being inundated with negative aspects; white privilege, implicit bias, slavery, and oppression to name a few. But allowing myself to experience the discomfort, to learn, to not dwell or get caught in negative attitudes, and move on, has been enlightening. We need to understand all 'sides' and become educated first, and only then can we be inspired to make change. And this challenge has given many tools that we can use to make the change.

It is critical to end on a positive note- one of hope and inspiration. I commit to not being silent, to share what I have learned, to join in meaningful conversations, and establish relationships. I commit to being an accomplice!

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