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Day 4: The intersection of white supremacy and patriarchy

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Wage Gap InequalityBy Guest1 Reply · 147 ViewsLast post: 5 days ago · Guest
Never ForgetBy Guest0 Replies · 110 ViewsLast post: 3 months ago · Guest
Native AmericansBy Guest0 Replies · 169 ViewsLast post: 3 months ago · Guest
Day 4 of ChallengeBy Guest0 Replies · 388 ViewsLast post: 4 months ago · Guest
OverwhelmedBy Guest1 Reply · 315 ViewsLast post: 4 months ago · Guest
PrivilegeBy Guest0 Replies · 410 ViewsLast post: 5 months ago · Guest
I Love CapitalismBy Guest0 Replies · 424 ViewsLast post: 5 months ago · Guest
I'm not sure what to do with all this infoBy Guest2 Replies · 567 ViewsLast post: 5 months ago · Guest
The Death of The American DreamBy Guest0 Replies · 437 ViewsLast post: 5 months ago · Guest
What a tangled web ...By Guest1 Reply · 469 ViewsLast post: 5 months ago · Guest
The Feminist Movement Needs to Do BetterBy Guest1 Reply · 601 ViewsLast post: 5 months ago · Guest
White FeminismBy Guest0 Replies · 494 ViewsLast post: 5 months ago · Guest
Yeah, but...By Guest0 Replies · 537 ViewsLast post: 6 months ago · Guest
Day 4By Guest2 Replies · 553 ViewsLast post: 6 months ago · Guest
Capitalism is Built on the Backs of Black WomenBy Guest1 Reply · 1,184 ViewsLast post: 6 months ago · Guest
violence against women of colorBy Guest0 Replies · 497 ViewsLast post: 6 months ago · Guest
Black women with family members in prisonBy Guest0 Replies · 480 ViewsLast post: 6 months ago · Guest
This is hard!By Guest0 Replies · 570 ViewsLast post: 6 months ago · Guest
Day 4By Guest0 Replies · 438 ViewsLast post: 6 months ago · Guest
Day 4By Guest0 Replies · 558 ViewsLast post: 6 months ago · Guest
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